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Our Focus

Community and Individual Development Association (COMMUNITY) helps Children, Women, and Unemployed Youth in disadvantaged communities:

  • improve school academic outcomes: reduce school violence and substance abuse, increase pass-rates
  • provide access to tertiary education and vocational skills development
  • provide entrepreneurial skills training and business incubation
  • trained in intensive self-development courses using meditation and yoga for healing individuals and communities

Consciousness-Based Education is at our core... read more below.

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Our Impact

Highlights over 30 years:

  • KIDS: Increased pass-rates by 25% for 9,000 school-learners on over 100,000 school marks. The control group of 12 000 students dropped by 1% point. Tracked and recorded by SA department of education.
  • UNEMPLOYED YOUTH: 4,500 of our graduates areworking in jobs, together earning R200 million in annual salaries. The current financial value of future earnings is R7.8 Billion over 40 years of their working lives.
  • COMMUNITIES: 700,000 people reached nationally with short skills development programs
  • SCHOOLS: Over 30,000 students, staff, parents, and principals trained in Self development programmes including Transcendental Meditation
  • EDUCATION FUNDING: Education endowment of R120 million built for first institution

"We help individuals move from Primary School, to Secondary School, to University, into the Economy."

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Our Approach

Projects in the field of education have provided a unique, complete organisational intervention to address problems in primary and secondary schools in these communities by confronting the core challenge of developing disadvantaged learners and institutions in a measurably effective way, and always done cost-effectively, as well as developing tertiary education institutions that are contextually relevant for Africa’s problems.

COMMUNITY has been a pioneer of the 'free' tertiary education movement in South Africa, and has founded or co founded:

  • Cida City Campus, the first virtually free university-level institution in South Africa *
  • Branson School of Entrepreneurship
  • The Maharishi Institute
  • Ezemvelo Eco-Campus

The work of CIDA City Campus inspired the creation of two colleges [Tsiba and Eden Campus] in Cape Town and on the Garden Route.

* Since 2007 CIDA City Campus operates independently of COMMUNITY.

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Our People

COMMUNITY itself has maintained a very small core group of social entrepreneurs, who have always been deployed into the various projects and initiatives to conceptualize, initiate, build, and sustain organisations. The entire focus throughout has been flexibility, innovation, and finding solutions to the desparate problems faced by individuals and communities through the Apartheid era in South Africa, and beyond, dealing with the legacy of a country with the vast majority of people in poverty, and always trying to respond to areas of greatest need where sustainable impact can be achieved.

Once programs are established, they are ‘floated’ and continue on their own or with support. This has allowed greatest possible impact over the years

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Our Method

We use 21’st century educational innovations that take 300-years of outdated education practice to another level and show-case the top South African educational bridging methodologies. Pioneering the modern classroom and showcasing its effectiveness for the most disadvantaged African youth, this approach will be a model for Governments and universities throughout Africa and the world.

Centred around the human being first and foremost, putting the development and transformation of each individual as core, we harness human technology and information technology to bridge students from poor high school education to college and then into the economy. Harnessing human technology through Consciousness-Based Education, as inspired by the work of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is a proven approach to develop the full brain potential of any student, and to dramatically improve learning effectiveness, self esteem, and intelligence through Transcendental Meditation (TM).

Over 600 scientific studies have been conducted in over 200 research institutions and published in over 140 journals on TM.