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Fundraising Goal: $285,000

21st Century Learning Labs

Your generous contribution to the 21'st Century Learning Labs will ensure that we meet our goal of $285,000

Bridging Unemployable Youth into Education and Entrepreneurship

Help us build 21st century Learning Labs to bridge students from poor high school education into college and then into the economy.

Project Details

State-of-the-art learning labs, which pioneer the concept of Mass Personalisation in learning: harnessing the human technology and information technology revolution to bridge students from poor high school education to college and then into the economy.

In South Africa, 85% of young people do not have the opportunity to access university education as their school marks are not good enough, or they do not have sufficient funds to further their studies. This project will create a solution to this massive loss of human capital to the South African economy.

This 21’st Century Education innovation that takes 300-years of outdated education practice to another level and will become the show-case for South African bridging education. Pioneering the modern classroom and showcasing its effectiveness for the most disadvantaged African youth, this project will be a model for Governments and universities throughout Africa.

These labs are based on 10-years of experience in pre-university bridging education, and will systematically and daily build students' skills, using the finest software, e-learning, and personalised educational methods in the world, using in a blended approach, in:

  • English skills [the language of business around the world] (written; spoken; presentation)
  • Mathematics and problem-solving (learning core algebraic principles, problem solving, and other core mathematical constructs necessary for successful university and business life)
  • Reading and comprehension skills [learning to read at up to 160 words per minute necessary for university studies]
  • Computer skills (including internet, email, blogging, social networking, web-site design): [essential tools for the modern economy]
  • Comprehensive personal career profiling to individually personalise a learning and career pathway that is optimal for the individual
  • Project management skills
  • Personal development and 25 other core life skills:

Even for those young people wanting to become entrepreneurs, their base set of skills are so low, that training in entrepreneurship alone is insufficient for them to create successful businesses, where they are unable to write a proper business letter, or solve problems in a systematic way.

Your Support Provides:

Establishment of state-of-the-art learning labs:

  • Equipped with the most modern technology
  • Writing the curriculum for the full bridging program
  • The physical infrastructure for the labs

Your generous contribution to the 21'st Century Learning Labs will ensure that we meet our goal of $285,000 to provide accessible high quality post-school bridging education and skills training to disadvantaged youth, to keep youth off the streets, and to build a skills base of Math, English, and 25 useful economic, personal, and environmental business and entrepreneurial skills.