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Fundraising Goal: $150,000

Keeping Kids in School

Help us increase pass-rates by 25% for 20,000 school children in KwaZulu Natal over 5-years... Read More
Fundraising Goal: $18,500

Women's Shelters

Support programs for HIV/AIDS abused women and orphans in 5 shelters in Gauteng Province to heal inside... Read More
Fundraising Goal: $100,000

Access to University

The $10 Africa College Fund is a self-sustaining loan fund which provides disadvantaged youth access to higher... Read More
Fundraising Goal: $285,000

21st Century Learning Labs

Help us build 21st century Learning Labs to bridge students from poor high school education into college and then into the.... Read More
Fundraising Goal: $14,000

Rural Poverty Alleviation

Support students to build their own eco-campus on a 4,500 hectare nature reserve donated by the Oppenheimer family.... Read More
Fundraising Goal: $250,000

Replication Model

Developing an urban and rural model of freely accessible tertiary education for those denied access.... Read More